GM Portable Protein & Supplement Keychain

Whey ON-THE-GO - Portable supplement keychain is with you wherever you go.

☑️PRACTICAL AND ECO-FRIENDLY GM Portable Protein & Supplement Keychain

☑️Perfect bottle to transport your favorite supplements so that you can bring your dedication to health and fitness with you wherever you go. Get the nutrition you need without the hassle. Reduce single-use plastic baggies. Reuse it over and over again. It's made from BPA Free, recyclable plastic.

☑️EASY-TO-USE - Unscrew the bottom cap and use the barrel of the bottle as a scoop when adding your supplement into the empty bottle. Then unscrew the top cap to funnel your supplement into a drink bottle and enjoy!

*Holds one full scoop of supplement powder (~30 grams). Food-grade BPA-free plastic and TSA-friendly. 

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