Bodybuilding Long Sleeve T-shirt

Size Guide
Sizing Chart Bodybuilding Long Sleeve T-shirt
Size Chest Length
- - -
- - -
M 90 (35.4'') 68 (26.8'')
L 94 (37'') 70 (27.5'')
XL 98 (38.6'') 72 (28.3'')
2XL 112 (44.1'') 74 (29.1'')
3XL 116 (45.6") 76 (29.9")

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    Now, instead of keeping your head in the game you start to think if others noticed how sweaty and smelly you became. The more you think, the more you’re feeling hot and the extra sweat steps up; all that without the one thing you came to the gym in the first place – to exercise!

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