Alpha Zipper Hoodie

Size Guide
Sizing Chart Alpha Zipper Hoodie
Size Chest Length
- - -
- - -
M 100 (39.4'') 66 (26'')
L 104 (40.9'') 68 (26.8'')
XL 108 (42.5'') 70 (27.5'')
2XL 112 (44.1'') 72 (28.3'')
- - -
Light Grey
Dark Grey

If you want to be Alpha, live like Alpha!
  • Missing that last piece of a puzzle?

    Finished off for today, left blood, sweat and tears in the gym and you’re ready to reward yourself with a nice, healthy protein meal. But how can you get out of the gym uncovered?

    You know you can’t leave the gym in the drowned-in-sweat T-shirt. Your body will go through shock if heading out exposed.

    We don’t want that, that’s why we prepared an Alpha Zipper Hoodie which will keep your muscles warm before and after the training. It’s great to express your Alpha physique, super comfy and its design is perfect for any range of movements.

    Get rid of the low-quality workout gear you have in your gym closet and never lose focus again.

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