About Us

Starting from Scratch - Why Gym Music?

Back in 2012, as an athlete with over 10 years of experience in weightlifting, I noticed that every gym I went to has the same problem - lousy music. An idea came to my mind - to do web research on what would be the best music for the gym, as I always maximized my performance with music. I was shocked when I saw that there were no gym music dedicated results. That same day I decided to create a Facebook page under the name of "Gym Best Music For Workout".

Gym Best Music For Workout

When I created the page it was the only page committed just to the music for the gym on the entire web at that time. What gave me extra motivation to continue working on it, is that within 24h from creating the page over a thousand people showed interest by liking it and sending messages of support for such an idea.

My desire to create playlists for the gym workouts started to come true first on YouTube; I was playing with other’s playlists and mixes but soon I realized that I need to make my own. And I did. To all who supported me, I gave as a gift my creations, as a ‘thank you’ for the motivation to keep going.

Struggling with Facebook

One year after the page was created, Facebook made a huge change. From that moment on you had to pay for posts in order to be seen. "Gym Best Music For Workout" was growing until that very moment. Over 25.000 followers and I couldn’t grow anymore; I had to find my way.

SoundCloud Journey

That’s the moment when I switched to SoundCloud and YouTube. When I started creating my music mixes and sharing them to the SoundCloud community I couldn’t even dream of having over 9 million plays! 

It's thrilling to see that everything is achieved with zero marketing investment.

A well-known bodybuilding.com recognized my passion and they recommended my music on their website and on their SoundCloud as well. I knew then; I accomplished something great.

"Gym Best Music For Workout" is the #1 choice for all the gym enthusiasts when it comes to music. Bear in mind that the page now counts tens of thousands of followers who chose to be here and I never gave a penny for marketing. I am truly thankful for you and all your love and support during these years.

Spreading the Vision

We’re back in 2018. While still making my music, I’ve come to an idea to have an official store of "Gym Best Music For Workout" – Gym Music Store. Besides offering music, my goal was to give people premium quality apparel for the gym and also for everyday wear.

I surrounded myself with young and creative people with an idea to help professional athletes as well as everyone who aims to have a healthy life and young spirit. With a motivated team, we strive to be the creative minds that bring a smile to your face.

Our store is a place for everyone; always with style, whether it’s a sporty outfit or a classy night out.

Gym Music already has thousands of satisfied customers in just 6 months and I am very proud of the results we’ve accomplished. We will do our best and try even harder to offer you the greatest service.

The Future

My vision is for the world to hear my music and that GM Store becomes a recognizable and respected brand. And with your long-standing support, I have no doubts that everything is possible.

Thank you for taking part in creating something greater!

“Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable!”

Sincerely yours,
Milos Tomic,
Founder of Gym Music